Our Mission and Vision

In the late 1990’s, the AEMCA became an independent non-profit association, governed solely by an appointed board of directors and members. They also became a part of the American Trucking Association for a short period of time but, since 2000, have stood as an independent association. The mission and core values created in 1988 still apply today — to offer members the opportunity to educate, advocate and promote business development through networking with members and industry groups. Over the years, the AEMCA has represented the air freight trucking industry on many legislative and security issues, as well as keeping up with the ever-changing demands of this industry.

The Film, Air and Package Carriers Conference (FAPCC) was founded in 1962 by a small group of like-minded people from the freight trucking industry. This annual conference was comprised of three separate groups:  Air Freight Motor Carrier Conference (AFMCC), American Package Carriers Association (APCA), and the Film Package Association (FPA). The intent of the conference was the same then as the current AirCargo Conference is today, to assist members in networking, building their business and learning more about the industry. 1988 was a big year for AFMCC. Under the leadership of Kevin Maloney and Ted Shapiro, the AFMCC separated from the FAPCC and changed the name to the Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association.

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