The mission and core values created in 1988 still apply today – to offer members the opportunity to educate, advocate and promote business development through networking with members and industry groups. Over the years, the AEMCA has…


Why should you become an AEMCA member? As a national trade association, the AEMCA has been representing the interests of the expedited and air freight trucking companies since 1962.  In a time of economic concerns and continued government confusion we have…


AirCargo is the premier annual trade show and conference for the Air and Expedited Motor Carriers Association (AEMCA), the Airforwarders Association (AfA), and Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA), which co-host AirCargo as a service to the industry…

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I’ve been involved in air freight transportation full-time for over 50 years. When transitioning from driver to sales, I began sharpening my social skills by becoming involved in regional traffic clubs, eventually expanding to the larger port and gateway associations. To satisfy customer requests, I needed to expand service options.
The Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association has not only helped me to enhance my education in all facets of the transportation industry I’ve been provided the opportunity to share. Through the AEMCA, I’ve been able to meet and share with numerous old and new friends the gifts that have been afforded me. The networking is second to none; my membership has allowed me to smile and have fun while sharing the business of another that yields unexpected returns. I’ve enjoyed working on various committees, always wanting to promote the good and help those in need. The AEMCA, through Hank Seaton and our Legislative Committee, has helped all members stay in the know while allowing us to support, defend, or protest at the onset.

John Conahan, Vice President of Corporate Business Development and fellow board member

Direct Expedite has gained great value in being a member of the AMECA. From the annual conference at Air Cargo, which allows us to exhibit at the trade show portion to help grow our business and market share, to the panels and discussions that are always educational to the networking with fellow like-minded owners and organizations, it has definitely been worth the cost of membership in gold. The AEMCA makes your company feel like they are part of something bigger. Allowing us all to brainstorm about any issues going on in the industry to keep us informed of legal concerns for carriers and brokers alike. We believe in the AEMCA that we are very happy to have one of our co-founders and owners on the Executive Board of Directors. Speaking of, the entire Board of Directors is a great group of individuals who take the time to volunteer to make things better for the members. They are all passionate about the industry, and individuals collaborate to enhance the members’ experience of the association and the events we have.

Dayna Harap, Vice President of Business Development

Trucking is commonly referred to as the “people business”. The AEMCA has provided a positive environment to have face-to-face interactions with the correct personnel to gain new business or to enhance existing relationships. Come to a conference with a listening mindset and will walk away with new business and even ideas to better manage your business.

David Earles, Locomote Express

Our AEMCA membership has been extremely valuable to 7LFreight. It keeps us updated on regulatory and legal issues in the trucking and transportation industry. Through AEMCA, we’ve established strong relationships with reputable companies. The association’s conference (Air Cargo) has expanded our industry knowledge and opened doors to collaborations and business opportunities. Overall, AEMCA has become an indispensable resource, adding significant value to our business. We highly recommend AEMCA memberships to any Forwarder, trucker, or service provider, as it can make a positive difference in operations and success.

Brennan O'Dowd, 7LFreight by Freightos

AIT became an AEMCA member in 2021 as one of the few logistics forwarders in the association. I was voted in as a board member in 2022.
The purpose of joining the hardworking and committed association is to help support and provide solutions to the trucking community, as it is the lifeblood of our domestic US ground industry. The trucking industry continues to face State and federal-led regulations and proposed legislations that make it more challenging and restrictive for small and large companies to remain a viable businesses.

The AEMCA Board is very talented and experienced and is driven by a passion for serving and protecting the expedited trucking industry. Please connect with current members and utilize our website At WWW.AEMCA.ORG to share your thoughts in ideas to help address industry issues.

Dale Grosso, Director – US Domestic Product AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc.

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