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Brook Pearse

Company: Accelerated, Inc.

Phone: (800) 821-3052

Email Address:

Dale Grosso

Company: AIT Worldwide Logistics

Email Address:

Beth Vartuli

Company: American Linehaul Corporation

Phone: 973-589-0101

Email Address:

Danny D Marcani

Company: Atlas SN Logistics

Phone: 515 867 7777

Email Address:

Christopher Coppersmith

Company: Freight Force, Inc.

Phone: (714) 995-9300 x223

Email Address:

Jim Hill

Company: Hill Logistics, Inc.

Phone: (501) 375-4445

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Bud Mercuri

Company: Horizon Air Services, Inc.

Email Address:

Andrew Sherrill

Company: Jetex

Email Address:

Cody Jackson

Company: Land Air Express, Inc.

Phone: (270) 781-0655

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David Earles

Company: Locomote Express

Phone: 304-397-6515

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Bob Larson

Company: Midwest Express Co.

Phone: 847

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Lee Horton

Company: Mobile Air Transport, Inc.

Phone: (518) 783-5111

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Steve Perriman

Company: Special Service Freight Company of the Carolinas

Phone: 704-587-0001 ext. 10

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Ray Shannon

Company: The Expediting Co., Inc.

Phone: 800-890-1573

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