These benefits are exclusive to the AEMCA membership.

One of the many benefits of membership in the AEMCA is the opportunity to participate in one or more of the association’s Affinity Partner Programs. 

See below the list of Benefits.


Washington Representation

Speaking with a unified voice in regulatory and legislative issues. Learning, sharing, gaining consensus and guidance from other members facing similar challenges including legal, regulatory, and financial. Listening to other members' experiences; their successes, failures, and solutions to things that keep them up at night.

Victory Packaging

Victory Packaging are THE architects of packaging solutions. They create a solution that meets your individual requirements by focusing on your unique needs. No other company can combine their level of expertise with their capacity for innovation to deliver unsurpassed quality and service. As an AEMCA member, you will receive special considerations and discounts.

Annual Conference - AirCargo

AEMCA members receive discounted registration and exhibit booth prices at the annual Air Cargo conference, and are the first to know about conference registration and expo opportunities.

REAP/Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Relocation Services is pleased to offer Real Estate Advantage to members of the AEMCA. Real Estate Advantage is a real estate work/life benefits program available exclusively through Al Edwards, Corporate Relocation Specialist of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

Experienced consultants will help you assess your needs, select an agent and assist you in moving anywhere in the world. Receive a Cash Rebate When You Buy or Sell Your Home: In most states, you can receive a rebate on the sale or purchase of your home, and a combined rebate if you do both. The amount you receive is based on the sale or purchase price of the home.


Hertz, the world’s leading vehicle renting organization, is represented in the United States and more than 150 foreign countries, operating from 8,100 locations.  They are offering AEMCA members benefits that are truly amazing. Reference your AEMCA CDP number – 1940206 and the Pin Code: bapgold,  for savings of up to 20% on various Hertz products and services — Up to 20% off Hertz Business Travel Rates

Benefits for you and your traveling employees are: Complimentary membership in Hertz #1 Club Gold®

UNA Purchasing Solutions

Group purchasing organizations facilitate contracts with suppliers for dozens or hundreds of companies at once, meaning they are able to offer efficiencies and cost savings to their members on purchases they already make. Which means for you the bottom line is…

Cost Savings: When you pool your buying power with other medium-sized businesses or organizations, you receive the benefit of upfront savings from higher volume and negotiated discounts. With UNA, you not only benefit from contracts that provide you cost savings, but you are free to utilize only the contracts that benefit your company and have no minimum spend requirements.


AEMCA (Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association) has created an alliance with IntelliCorp to offer discounted rates on employment screening products and services. IntelliCorp makes it easy and affordable get comprehensive background checks, so you can make smart decisions for your business.


Incredible discounts – up to 22% off Monthly Access Calling Plans fees. 25% off eligible Verizon Wireless accessories and fantastic savings on wireless devices.

Wolfgang & Associates

Drug-Free Workplace Program Consulting Services for Members of Air & Expedited Motor Carrier Association. Wolfgang Associates is an independent provider of random selections and other services in support of organizations’ drug-free workplace programs.  Wolfgang Associates has two certified Substance Abuse Program Administrators (C-SAPAs) on staff. Jana Wolfgang has been assisting employers with drug-free workplace program management since 1986. Her educational background includes certification and a master’s degree in medical technology. Magalyn Fekaris achieved national certification in 2015 following five years as a Substance Abuse Program Specialist.


The EROAD Advantage
Operating a transport business is a complex and demanding task. EROAD’s solution is designed to make your job easier. It gives you the opportunity to take control of tax and compliance obligations, support a safety-focused culture, and better manage your business.



The AEMCA invites businesses and organizations that wish to be considered for the Affinity Partner Program to contact AEMCA's Affinity Committee by email at or call (703) 361-5208.

In order for an Affinity Partner to be selected, a written proposal must be provided regarding the specific product(s) and/or service(s), special program discounts that will be offered, and how our membership will have access.

  • AEMCA requests that potential partners provide:

    • - A program contact
    • - Email address(s)
    • - Program phone number
    • - If applicable, program online URL
    • - And/or download an application form and mailing address

Affinity Partner will:

  • Develop and maintain a discount, program management, and point of contact for the use of the AEMCA membership.
  • Require proof of membership from members in order to participate. Use of a special code is also an acceptable way of satisfying this requirement.
  • Produce/provide at no cost to the AEMCA any marketing materials related to the AEMCA Affinity Partner Program.

Affinity will:

  • Do an initial announcement of the relationship with Affinity Partner and incorporate the new program information into the online Affinity Partner Directory.
  • Work with Affinity Partner to promote discounted offering through whichever AEMCA outlets deem appropriate.
  • As with all its dealings, the AEMCA will operate the Affinity Partner Program under the umbrella of the AEMCA Ethical and Professional Standards.
  • Selection of an AEMCA Affinity Partner is at the sole discretion of the AEMCA.